“I Hope to Be Part of South Phoenix History”

Over the last couple of years, Ele Anedda – an international researcher who was trained at Columbia University’s Oral History Program – studied the effects and benefits of our unique model for teaching with oral history. Ele investigated South Phoenix Oral History’s output (interviews conducted), but more importantly, she pored over dozens of student reflection papers, interviewed students, and evaluated our teaching methods. 

Her final report, “I Hope to be Part of South Phoenix History”: Community College Students Becoming Oral Historians” was published this week in the Oral History Review, the definitive journal for oral history. They govern best practices, ethics, and the entire methodology. It is double-blind peer-reviewed, and very prestigious. In it, Ele commended our program and the interviews done, but more importantly, she proves that our approach has the potential to create long-term benefits in the South Phoenix community. 

You can read her abstract here: 

Please join us in congratulating Ele on achieving a major professional accomplishment. And thank her! Her success is our success. She has promoted our college, our program, our community, and our students on an international stage.

Ever the scholar and South Phoenix champion, Ele has already begun work on her next project, “Where is South Phoenix?” It will be a crucial piece in helping us understand our community and the role our college plays. 

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