More and More Every Day – Weekly Roundup V, 5/10/20

Looking back on National Teacher Appreciation Week

By Summer and Cody Cherland

In this week’s roundup, Cody and Summer discuss themes and patterns in episodes, interviews, and posts from the first week of May. 

Highlights from the Weekly Roundup V:

  • Cody and Summer are elated with their new dual microphone setup! 
  • National Teacher Appreciation Week – we dropped a new episode every day featuring a classroom teacher. 
  • We dropped a special graduation episode for our class of 2020. 
  • Cody’s A-ha and Oh-yeah moments about appreciating all educators on a school campus.
  • Lots of love to our loyal listeners, Wasim & Andrew. 
  • Welcome to our newest listeners, Steve and Susan! Glad you joined us! 
  • Cody won paper-rock-scissors. We still don’t know what the final score is. 

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Looking ahead to the coming weeks:

  • We will be taking the third week of May off. 
  • Our summertime schedule will move to a weekly email and 2 episodes a week, with roundups thrown in as needed. 

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