More and More Every Day – Weekly Roundup II, 4/17/20

Highs, Lows, and Shout Outs for the Third Week of April

By Summer Cherland
History Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Here’s what I know today: some students are starting to lose faith. Some are beginning to wonder if this is all worth it. The first few weeks of learning in the COVID19 era were marked by shock, depressions, and a little bit of fear.

Today, the conversations are shifting. Students are starting to feel blue, despondent, and lost. Some are wondering if all of this is worth it?

In today’s Weekly Roundup, Cody and I talk through our reflections on student posts and interviews this week. We remark on the sadness many are feeling, like our student athletes who unwittingly played their last games, or the single moms who are worried about feeding their families. We comment on how Zoom meetings may violate our students’ privacy and security. We also recognize that as teachers, we will model the way through this disaster in slow-motion.

Here are some highlights from the Weekly Roundup II episode:

Looking ahead to the coming weeks:

  • More student posts and interviews (next week)
  • Interviews with educators and experts, like Dr. Stevie Standford, Lalo Quezada, Dr. Helen Sword, Patricia Herrera, Liz Warren, and a special interview with superstar Dr. Timothy K. Eatman.
  • The last week of April is International Week! Students and scholars around the world will be featured.

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