More and More Every Day – Alexa, 4/15/20

Appreciation for the Game

Student, South Mountain Community College

A month ago, Alexa’s days were packed with classes and softball practice. Her team was in the throes of a competitive season, with several important games on the horizon. Over spring break, they won a series of conference games, and their future looked bright. In one game, Alexa shined at bat, finishing 2-and-2 at the plate.

She never considered that might be her last game of the season.

Alexa remembers her last game of the season.

These days, Alexa spends a lot of time throwing a softball with her brother at the park. She’s trying to keep in shape for next season, hoping that her team will get another chance to compete next year.

Alexa talks about staying active.

Like a lot of students, she’s fighting boredom by hanging out with family, working on assignments in her online classes, and trying to stay active. Now that she’s back at home, she’s cooking again, which can be fun.

Alexa’s time away from softball has made her appreciate the game more than ever.

Alexa encourages other athletes to appreciate the game.

Today, we dropped an episode featuring Alexa, a student-athlete at South Mountain Community College. Alexa shares with us how she’s filling her time and missing her teammates. She also describes how the quarantine has made her appreciate the game now, more than ever.

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Alexa shares how she’s fighting off boredom and missing her teammates. During the quarantine, she misses the game now more than ever.

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