More and More Every Day – Weekly Recap I, 6/26/20

Weekly Recap I

Summer Cherland and Andrea Rivers
Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Oh wow! So much has changed since March. 

We kept finding that our conversations centered around topics of race, privilege, and equity. As a result, we decided to bring on a new co-host. 

Meet Andrea Rivers – English Faculty at South Mountain Community College and Social Justice Warrior! Andrea is an expert and facilitator on race & privilege. She is currently working on a PhD, focusing on equity and cultural relevance in higher education. 

 Weekly Recap Highlights:

  • Summer and Andrea discuss their first collaboration – a day-long symposium called “Your Divided Classroom.” It was a listening session before “listening sessions” were a thing. 
  • Andrea predicts that people will always remember 2020 as a year of “collision” and massive change. 
  • Great post by Alondra in the 3rd week of June, and check out our interview with Chandra – a recent graduate of SMCC!
  • We struggle with the suggestion that we only talk about the now without taking history into consideration. 
  • What we are learning in quarantine: Ask more questions. 

Looking ahead to the coming weeks:

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Recording date: 6/19/20

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