More and More Every Day – Alondra, 6/17/20

This is Getting Serious

By Alondra
Student, South Mountain Community College

It has been exactly three weeks since they have put us in “quarantine”. All I know about this about the Coronavirus, is that it started in China and has spread around over many countries. The first case that was found here in Arizona was from someone at ASU who had traveled and was tested positive. Throughout these weeks the number of people tested positive and death has increased. I have gotten tired of hearing about it because that is all I hear and see everywhere. It had not really hit me, until now.  It is barely making me realize that This is Getting Serious. I recently saw on the news that one of the employees at Ranch Market nearby tested positive for COVID-19.

I remember a couple weeks ago when my family went to Nogales to celebrate my mother’s birthday with my aunt, it was when all of this had barely started. I had started to hear some rumors that they were going to close down the borders when we arrived. We tried to stay calm and keep checking on the internet to be updated to make sure they wouldn’t close the border on us. The next day we had woken up early to come back home and avoid the traffic. When I arrived back from Nogales, I received an email from my school saying that our spring break will extend one week due to the coronavirus. I was kind of happy but also worried about it. I was kind of worried, because they had said that it was probable for all of our classes to be online. I have already taken a class online but was nervous and scared about taking them all online.

There are many pros and cons about this “quarantine”, a pro would be that families have time to spend with their children and loved ones, play board games, dance, listen to music, go hiking and many more things. Another pro would be that groceries stores, fast foods, and restaurants are still open and they do carry-out and delivery. Some cons would be being at risk, being worried, anxiety attacks, many deaths, and no contact with anyone.

All of this has happened so fast, that it doesn’t seem real and it seems like a movie. Throughout this “quarantine,” I still have not gotten to the point where I have gotten so bored or have done something stupid, like dye or cut my hair. I always have something to do, I now have four classes online, which are English102, Critical Reading101, History104, and Hispanic Film213. I am always busy doing homework, working, and doing chores at my house. Everyday in the mornings I wake up, go outside and feed the animals we have. As a student I understand what many of students are going through. It is difficult for some students because not many families are capable of paying for cable and buy computers for their children, for them to be able to do their homework’s. I have heard on the radios and news that many schools were going to let students borrow laptops, and also that many companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, cox etc. were going to have affordable bundles. 

Written: Spring 2020

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