Missie Lefebvre

Missie Lefebvre is the daughter of Raúl Cárdenas, the first president of South Mountain Community College. Missie now resides in California and is overjoyed with her father and everything he has accomplished. 

Missie Lefebvre was born in 1963 in El Paso, Texas. Her childhood was very traditional and family oriented. Every Sunday, they’d go to church and then eat dinner. Her childhood was completely different compared to teenagers today. They had no phones and only a few stations on television. Missie also attended an all-girls private school from kindergarten through eighth grade. After that, she moved to California, and then to Arizona for her sophomore year, so her father could carry on an incredible project with the founding of South Mountain Community college. 

When Missie moved to the small town of Mesa, Arizona, she attended Mesa High School. She was always just a short drive away from South Phoenix. She has spent a lot of time at South Mountain Community College. Her father, Raúl Cárdenas, was the founding president of South Mountain Community College and played a huge role in her life, even considering it a part of her family. For example, they moved states so he can pursue this journey, and also they all were supportive and helped their father. She fondly remembers taking classes at the college during the summer.

Missie’s father, Ràul Càrdenas, devoted his entire life to founding South Mountain Community College. Missie says Raúl gave his everything for the community. It was a big role in her life, and she was included every step of the way. Her father always tried to balance any issue at work with family life. He put his heart and soul into South Mountain Community College.

Cárdenas taught his children that they could do anything, and that influenced Missie on a personal level. Her life was like any other child’s, but hers was special as she was recognized by

people due to her father’s journey. She enjoyed her life growing up because she, along with her father, succeeded in many things. While her father became one of the most important figures at South Mountain Community College, she followed her dream. Missie finished school and became a worker at SMCC. Having shared this experience, and especially these words, with us, opened our eyes to see that anything is possible. Regardless of how long it takes or how difficult it is. 

Overall, Missie is and will always be someone important in our lives because of the number of aspiring words she gave us. She taught us that life won’t always be easy, that it’ll have its ups and downs, and that because of this, we have to let it come as it is what makes us stronger and shapes the best version of ourselves.

NarratorMissie Lefebvre
Place of OriginEl Paso, Texas
Place of ResidenceCalifornia
Recording Duration32:24
Interviewed ByJulisa Vera, Daisy Carpio, Yuliana Rodriguez
Story Written ByJulisa Vera, Daisy Carpio, Yuliana Rodriguez