Brian “Doc” Murphy

Brian “Doc” Murphy is a Professor of Psychology and Sociology, and an influential volleyball coach at South Mountain Community College. He started teaching adjunct and coaching volleyball in 1993. He joined the full-time faculty in 1996.

Brian “Doc” Murphy in his beloved “WAC” building, mid-1990s.
Image provided by South Mountain Community College

Doc Murphy was born in New York, and when he was in junior high, his parents inspired him to achieve as much education as he could. Neither of his parents had been able to get more push more than an 8th-grade education, in part due to the segregated culture of America at the time. Doc remembers, “I got a sign on my room and put Doctor Brian Murphy because one day, I’ll know I’ll have that title.” Later, Doc recalled that he had a calling to South Mountain Community College when it first opened. He loved how different the college was from others because people of all ethnic groups were together as one, not divided. He saw that South Mountain Community College had a bright future. Even if it was going to take time, he felt the hard work would be worth it.   

Doc Murphy’s view on why he believes South Mountain chose him.

Doc Murphy made a big impact on students at South Mountain Community College.  Since 1993, he has been an assistant volleyball coach, and has led the team to three championships. He was also an assistant softball coach on and off for about a decade. He inspires his athletes to push harder and to make sure that their next challenge will be harder than their first.

Doc Murphy is still teaching and coaching at SMCC. His passion for his work, his students, and his athletes is palpable.

Doc Murphy shares why working at South Mountain is his calling.

Student Researchers: Taylor Culberson, Reina Jimeno, & Juan Rivera, Fall 2018

Brian “Doc” Murphy
Student Researchers: Reina Jimeno, Taylor Culberson, Juan Rivera, filmed by Mario Avent
NarratorBrian “Doc” Murphy
Place of OriginLong Island, New York
Place of ResidenceMetro Phoenix, Arizona
Years Active in South Phoenix1993-
Role/OccupationPsychology Professor/Faculty/Volleyball Coach
Interview Conducted (Date)October 11, 2018
Interview Conducted (Location)South Mountain Community Library
Interviewed ByStudent Researchers: Reina Jimeno, Taylor Culberson, Juan Rivera
Story Written ByStudent Researchers: Reina Jimeno, Taylor Culberson, Juan Rivera
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