More and More Every Day – What is Juneteenth? 6/19/20

“What is Juneteenth (in 8 minutes and 46 seconds)”

By Andrea Rivers
English Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Featuring Faculty and Leadership
South Mountain Community College

Today’s episode, “What is Juneteenth? (in 8 minutes and 46 seconds)” will be released at 8:46am. Our choice to highlight 8:46 is in commemoration of the death of George Floyd.

Written by English Professor Andrea Rivers, this brief history of Juneteenth explains the origins of the holiday and its contemporary significance in the year 2020. It features information about the national and local celebrations of the holiday, along with a call for our country to do better.

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Show notes: 

  • Produced by the South Phoenix Oral History Project and members of South Mountain Community College
  • Written by Andrea Rivers
  • Speakers (in order of appearance): Andrea Rivers, English Faculty; Clyne Namuo, Vice President of Learning; Summer Cherland, History Faculty; Osaro Ighodaro, Vice President of Student Affairs; Shari Olson, President; Azra Mahmood, Communication Faculty 
  • Please also see SMCC’s companion video.
  • Please see the website: for a partial transcript and timer of George Floyd’s death. 
  • Learn more about Juneteenth history and celebrations in Phoenix, AZ. 
  • Learn more about Eastlake Park’s History.

Music credit:  
Too Cool by Kevin MacLeod

Recording date: 6/17/20

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