More and More Every Day – Victoria, 12/7/20

Some Things I’m Glad For

By Victoria
Student, South Mountain Community College

Learning behind a computer is definitely something I never thought I would be doing, first I never took online classes before so this is all new for me. Live online classes are probably not my favorite because I totally think that it’s not the same education that we get as if we were in the classroom. I feel like just sitting in front of the computer and listening to the teacher talk and not having to take notes as we would be doing in the classroom it’s just not the same. Sometimes teachers don’t know how to deal with the technology either and I totally understand that because I don’t either. Sometimes the WiFi or the computer or the app we are using things that are out of our control and we miss a lesson because of those reasons and you can’t get the information back and now you have to ask a classmate that you don’t even know and you don’t get all the information. I am that kind of student that likes to sit in the classroom and listen to the professor there, if you have questions you get the answer right away or maybe after class but you can talk to the professor personally and get help right away. Asking questions about the discussions, homework or the lesson of the day is kind of difficult because you have to email them and sometimes it takes a while to get an answer and sometimes they don’t even answer the question or you don’t get the answer you were looking for to help but you are scared to ask again because of what they might think because you didn’t understand at first and you basically have to figure it out yourself and you don’t know if it’s right or wrong.

Some of the things that I like about online courses (not live online ) t’s that you are at home. For example, I had to drive an hour to get to school everyday and now I’m just at home, I’m saving gas and time. Another one is that you can make your own schedule to do the work and not live online. You can finish your work fast and be done and don’t have to worry about meetings. Feeling safe by being home is one important thing as well because you are not exposed to get sick and I am glad for that.

Written Fall 2020

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