More and More Every Day – Vanessa, 8/10/20

I Thought it was Going to be a Great Year

By Vanessa
Student, South Mountain Community College

When I thought about the year 2020, I thought it was going to be a great year full of trips, happiness, and new memories. It never came to my mind that a virus was going to strike the world, a deadly virus that would have people in bed for two weeks straight away from their family, the spread of the virus, and  also people dying from it. At first when I heard of it, I thought it was all a joke and that probably it was made up by the government in order to have the US under control. Since I didn’t know anyone that have had the corona virus I didn’t believe it existed, I thought that it was a bad idea how some states were in lockdown, but now that I look back I think that they did it for our own good. When the states were in lock down there was less cases from covid19 after the governor decided to re-open Arizona it got out of control. Especially because he reopened places that were not necessary for example water parks, gyms, clubs and bars. That is where everything got out of control people were not going to follow the 6 feet distance rule in places like that. That is why now Arizona is the number 1 state with the most cases from the corona virus right now is at 91,858 it is a lot and I hope there is no more cases after this. I took COVID 19 very serious after someone from my job tested positive that’s when I noticed it was real and made me take more precautions not just for me but for my family, my father is an older man with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol I wouldn’t want him or anyone else to get it. The corona virus is not only affecting older people but young people. The Arizona governor noticed how people were not taking all this serious so this week he decided to close some places down and made a new law that everyone should wear a mask in public.

 COVID 19 has affected my life as a student I was not able to finish my classes in person, I never noticed how stressful it was to take classes online. It also affected my sister in school since she was taking harder classes the biology classes, she was not able to do lab work since classes were not in person. I could not go to any of the stores especially since I have a weak immune system. COVID 19 messed up my plans to travel I had my first trip of the year planned for my birthday in March but because of the virus it had to be cancel. I also had planned to go to visit my grandmother this year, but I did not want to expose her to the virus instead I had to cancel my plans again. Overall, it has not also impact me, but all the world too and I hope we can get over this and go back to normal.

Written: Summer 2020

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