More and More Every Day – Tationnya

“It’s Just Wrong”

By Tationnya
Student, South Mountain Community College

Covid-19 is impacting me because I have a 1-year year old newborn and I really can’t go anywhere unless it to doctor’s appointment. I can’t be around my grandma or grandpa unless I really have to, because I know they are more at risk. Even kids and pregnant women are at risk. I want everybody in my family to stay safe and healthy and only go out if they need to. Since the government order to stay at home, I only go somewhere if I need things for the house or food for my family.

I can’t give my son a birthday party with all his other family. I wish this wasn’t happening, but I hope everyone stays safe. Stay at home if you are sick and don’t be going places. And if people know they have it – don’t pass it on to other people! The numbers are going to keep going up and up. It’s not fair for the seniors or babies. People are taking all the toilet paper and all the paper towels. All diapers and wipes, too! Us pregnant people need those for their kids, and it seems like other people are just taking extra stuff.

I wonder if they are not thinking of the next person that’s going to need this stuff too. Taking extra cleaning supplies, extra water and food influences mothers like me who are on WIC. Some people have this stuff already they are just going to get extra for no reason. I don’t understand. It’s just wrong.

Written: Spring 2020

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