More and More Every Day, Stevie Stanford, 10/22/20

This week, we publish the full interview with Dr. Stevie Stanford, whose profile we published back in March.

Compassion and Empathy are Infinite

Dr. Stevie Stanford
Stanford Psychological Services

Dr. Stevie Stanford is a nationally sought-after psychologist and expert on trauma and addiction. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, Dr. Stanford knows this period of social isolation is going to be difficult. She doesn’t want you to feel guilt or shame as you’re working through the COVID-19 era. “Pain is pain. We all have feelings.”

For some of us, school is a place of respite. The expectations are clear, the setting is safe, and we have regular access to all kinds of resources. In some cases, it’s where students can find a healthy meal and a supportive mentor. So when we find ourselves in an unprecedented historical moment of isolation, it may seem like our resources have disappeared.

In particular, Dr. Stanford points out that “there is nothing more dangerous than isolation” when it comes to people struggling with addiction. But the good news is, there are resources and ways to reach out.

For students, she hopes you ask for help and stay in contact with your teachers. For faculty, she encourages us to know our boundaries, and exercise vulnerability.

Like all of us, Dr. Stanford is experimenting with her “new normal” work attire. She’s really starting amp up her earring game. Today, she’s wearing a pair of yellow and green earrings, made by a pre-med student on an extended COVID-19 break. “I think it’s something that all students can heed. Oftentimes, we’re reading books and doing pragmatic, logical stuff, but tapping into that creative side can help solidify the information and help you to feel like you’re filling your own cup.”

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