More and More Every Day – Six COVID19 Stories, 5/14/20

Six COVID19 Student Stories

By Six Community College Students

Today’s episode combines six student stories. Each narrator  was asked, “How has COVID19 affected your life as a student?” They responded in a variety of ways. 

  • I’m worried about my wife, who is in the armed forces. 
  • Am I risking the health of my family by keeping my essential job? 
  • How can I learn public speaking in an online class?
  • Sometimes I forget I’m a student because I’m distracted by supporting my family without a full-time job. 
  • I’m learning – not just in my own classes, but because now I’m homeschooling a kindergartner and a high school senior while also trying to balance my own homework and online lectures.  
  • I just hope life goes back to normal. This makes me sad. Anxious.

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Stories collected 4/1/2020

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