More and More Every Day – Sabrina, 6/1/20

But Now, I am Falling Behind

By Sabrina
Student, Great Basin College

As a student, the Coronavirus has effected me a tremendous amount. I felt as if the semester had just begun and everything was already changing. Within two months of this semester, all of my classes were online. At the beginning of the lockdown, I noticed myself sleeping more and getting ahead in my courses. I began to enjoy having every course online. However, I have noticed myself to start waking up later and not doing much throughout the day, other than walk my dogs and ride my bike around town. I have started to struggle in some of my classes and feel overwhelmed. I am looking forward to going back to my in-person classes. 

The semester just began in late January. I started to really enjoy my classes. I had about half my classes online and the rest in person. I felt as if I had a great balance. I always had enough time to do my homework, but I also was able to go to my classes and work somewhere outside of my house. I also felt I had the right classes online and the right classes in person. However, because of the Coronavirus, all my classes are now online and I must stay home. At first, I enjoyed staying at home. I felt more relaxed and began getting more sleep every night. I was working on homework, exercising, and sleeping more than usual. I got ahead in a few of my classes and started projects that are not due for weeks. Now, I feel bored but also have too much energy to work on my homework. I also have less motivation to work on my courses now that I do not get into my study groups anymore. 

I used to be ahead in most of my courses. I even got up to the final exam in one of my history classes. But now, I am falling behind. I feel as if I have no motivation to do my assignments. I am curious about how things will be within the next couple of months. I am hoping that I will start to be motivated again. I have made many goals for time I need to stay home. One of the goals I have is to get ahead in every class that I can. I am hopeful that we will return to classes by the end of the semester. However, if we do not, then at least I will be ahead and have an easy last few weeks of the semester. 

I am trying to stay positive about the situation. As a student, I have been hearing a lot about the Coronavirus. Every professor has sent out emails and videos explain how our classes will be for the next couple of months. Many of my professors are staying positive and sending many updates about our situation. I believe the updates they are sending out are helping me and the other students know more about the situation happening now. 

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