More and More Every Day – Natasha, 6/24/20

Is School Open Today?

By Natasha
College Student, Great Basin College

            The Covid-19 outbreak has turned everyone’s world upside down and with the uncertainty of what’s to be expected there is not much we can do but stay home until this too shall pass. My initial response spiked fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what it might look like to be infected or have a loved one catch this fast sweeping virus, fear of lack of education for my children, fear of my husband having to close his practice. This is all occurring all the while I should be studying for this anatomy exam covering 5 chapters, as well as keeping up with my online course once I return from spring break. As a student it has changed everything about what is to be expected of me and my ability to keep up.

How has this affected me directly as a student you may ask? Prior to this outbreak I would be studying 2-3 hours daily to keep up with my classes. Now instead, I’ve filled that time with planning a curriculum for my five-year-old along with taking care of our 10-month-old. It has caused tremendous stress and anxiety within myself, which I am thankful for my therapist husband and his capability of shedding some light during this uncomfortable time. Instead of my study groups I’ve filled the time with sanitizing not only my home from top to bottom but making sure our family of four is as healthy as can be and kept away from all society.

It sounds extreme, but trying to explain to my five-year-old why he can’t go visit his grandparents or why he can’t go to the grocery store with me is surreal. Never ever did I think in my lifetime I would have to explain a pandemic outbreak to him and have him repeat to his Nana during a Facetime call that “we can’t go anywhere because everyone is sick”. The self-isolating from family and friends has been an adjustment, but what has been the most difficult is having my son wake up every morning asking if his school is open today so he can see all his friends.

We are trying to keep some sense of normalcy within our home and continuing with his education while maintain my own classes. Not to mention the daily monitoring of my dad who has leukemia as well as other health concerns has contributed to the stress. This puts him at high risk if this virus were to make its way into their household. Making sure they are implementing all precautions during this time has given me some peace of mind assuming he will stay safe and healthy. Our realty has been shaken up and changed what we know to be a “normal life” but I would say there has been some positive.

For instance, the quality time we are able spend as a family has been priceless. The lack of traveling has slowed down our lifestyle and we’ve been fortunate to relish in these moments. These are the time our kids are going to look back and remember our game nights, dad working in our spare bedroom never late to dinner,  the countless times mom filled up the house with a burnt cookie smell and having church service in our living room. It’s a wake-up call to remind us of what is important and to take advantage of the time you can spend with your loved ones or pursue something you’ve always wanted to. Maybe this is just that kick to get us moving. I just pray we all have some positive take away from this unexpected virus that has swept through our globe.

Written: Spring 2020

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