More and More Every Day – Mary, 6/18/20

A Virtual Standstill

By Mary
Student, South Mountain Community College

I first heard about Covid-19 on the news during the new year period. Now, the incurable virus has spread and will still spread world-wide. Coronavirus is a type of common virus that infects human upper respiratory system, this virus is also known as Covid-19. This disease is a health crisis which has put so many people in depression, but for the purpose of this essay I’ll be pointing out few effects of Covid-19 on a student academics.

The global lock down of education institutions is going to cause major and unlikely interaction on student learning. Internal assessment has been interrupted now that all the classes are online, it will be impossible for a teacher to access a student and to know how they are doing academically for example, “I’m having difficulty in understanding what my math professor goes through during live section and sometimes due to poor internet connection I don’t catch up with the live section” lack of internet access can prevent students in rural areas, or students from disadvantaged families from learning online. Covid-19 has affected students from gaining access to physical public library and this has interrupted student’s further research on courses since the library are closed has.

Students world-wide are unable to go school or university at the moment due to the measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. The pandemic is expected to have a huge impact on global education and close to billion people are still in lock down after the corona virus outbreak. It has brought life around the world to a virtual stand still. The pandemic is expected to also have enormous economy consequences and it is also having a devastating impact on global education. According to the latest figure released by school 1.3 billion learners were not able to attend school as of march 23rd 2020.

I think school closures will impact not only student, teachers and families but have far reaching economy and society consequences. School closures in response to Covid-19, will create various social and economy issues including student debts, digital learning, digit security. Ultimately, school closures will negatively impact student learning outcomes.

Written: Spring 2020

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