More and More Every Day – Liz Warren, 6/9/20

“I Don’t Expect Normalcy”

Liz Warren
Founder, Director, & Faculty, Storytelling Institute
South Mountain Community College

Today’s episode is an early interview with Summer and Liz Warren. Liz and Summer collaborate regularly at South Mountain Community College. Listen to them talk through the initial shock of the rapid move to online teaching and telecommuting. 

Liz Warren is the founding director of the Storytelling Institute, the first program in the country to offer an academic certificate in Storytelling. She is a co-founder of the South Phoenix Oral History Project.

This is an early interview, one that is a conversation between two women who are first starting to talk through the realities of teaching and meeting online, while missing each other and their communities. They discuss their personal and professional worries along with little victories. They also think through the logistics of the upcoming interviews and the potential for a nationally-reaching podcast.

The title of this episode nods to Liz’s critique of our question about “normalcy.” It’s a thoughtful and meaningful consideration of how we regard routines, and how we view a future return to life as normal. Her point has stuck with us since the conversation in March.

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Interview Date: 3/26/20