More and More Every Day – LaKebra, 7/1/20

We Have to do Better

By LaKebra
Student, South Mountain Community College

COVID19 is it a hoax. COVID19 is a man-made disease. It’s real. It’s a cover up. It’s 5G.

Whatever it is, it’s here and created havoc on America.

Do I feel like America could have done more, yes. I believe America thought it could never happen to us. We think we are great, better than everyone else around the world.

My life and me has changed. Working from home, love it.
Husband cut in hours, oh well.
Son home from college, need a refund but has a job.
Less spending, clear air, feeling relax, priceless.

Am I worrying about paying my mortgage, unsecured loans, secured loans, no. What will happen if the government goes bankrupt, we will survive. The government will print more money, on make believe jobs and issues that don’t exist. Life keeps moving and you must believe that things are going to get better. Stay still until the storm is over.

I have faith that mother earth has a way of balancing life. The earth is very small when you think amount how many people have been touched by COVID19. We are here together even when we think we are separate and untouchable. So many people are out of work and are worried about how they are going to pay rent, mortgages, cars, credit cards. They think the government is out to get them.

I believe banks don’t want your home. They do not want to ruin your credit. They are here to help. If consumer does not buy it’s a failed system for all.

I understand the government is offering a forbearance on loans for 90 days, but at the end of the 90 days you will need to pay current. Which means your loan is suspended for 4/01/2020, 05/01/2020 and 06/01/2020 bur come 07/01/2020 you will be due for 4 payment. Meaning if your loan is 1000.00 a month you will be due for 4000.00 dollars. If you are not receiving pay, how are you going to pay this. So, after your forbearance you have the option to do a repayment plan, deferment or modification.

Most people don’t want to do this but option to you have with no money. The banking industrial predicted a fall in the market. The housing price was going up and the wages were not. How can people maintain a 700,000.00-mortgage payment, not? We know when things are good for 8 years, you have 8 years of bad. Proving fact and if you are not religious that’s okay. But it’ a proven fact that this will happen.

Man is never prepared for this.

Poor people don’t care, because government doesn’t matter to poor people. They keep living. The rich stress. Poor people take things a day at a time and probably live better than most.

I hope than COVID 19 is not manmade, I hope that people that are ill get well.

I’m glad for the stay at home order. What does that tell us what we are doing to our earth? Are we destroying earth with cars, factory and the consist populations? We have to do better.

Written: Spring 2020

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