More and More Every Day – Jacinda, 4/21/20

Just the Beginning

By Jacinda
Student, South Mountain Community College

Coronavirus has affected me in a very big way. This virus has made it difficult for me. Not only personally but financially as well, I recently lost my job to the current pandemic, which was my only source of income. I’ve been stressing about where I will get the money or whereas if my next meal is coming from. This virus has tons of people just going chaotic. I can’t even find toilet paper for myself or water! It took me a couple of days just to find everyday things.

This virus has put a ton of extra things on my plate, with everyone around me getting sick and my oldest sister recently giving birth. I watch her struggle to find baby wipes, diapers, and formula. It’s hitting me hard that I can’t even spend daily time with my newborn niece with this virus. It has messed up quality bonding with my entire family. COVID-19 has scared tons and tons of people and they are saying it’s just getting started. I just don’t know what to plan for the next move. I’m just lost on everything at this moment.

Then Arizona has decided to cancel school. I took my in-person classes for a reason I liked that way better than computers. It just gives me that face to face and I learn way better that way. Now I must adjust myself to doing all the online work and listen to all my teachers over the computer. It’s going to take some time for me to adjust. I already know it is. And this semester is over in a few more weeks. I got to get to it fast. I can’t even hang out with my friends or even work in a study group. We must do it behind a screen. I’m not a very tech-savvy person. I’m an old school pencil and paper and get right to it that’s the type of person I am.

This affected me so much, but you must adapt fast and just take one day at a time it will get better.

Also, I’m scared to even see my grandparents. I’m just afraid that I might get them sick or have the virus on my clothes because it can last up to 48 hours on anything if I’m right about that. It’s kind of hurts my heart. I’m an outdoorsy person. I like going to the movies with my boyfriend. I like to go to different places and trips, and I can barely leave my house now.

Then the news every day just makes people feel like it’s wrong to step outdoors. They say over 100,000 people are expected to die. Are you serious!! I just keep trying to stay safe and wash my hands if I do have to go out for something it just frightens me to the max.

I hope I will get to see my baby niece and spend tons and tons of time with her and the rest of my family. I just hope that you are doing good during this scary time we will get through this I hope you are staying safe and not putting yourself a risk for anything. Even if we follow all protocols, so many Americans are expected to die from this virus.

This is just the beginning. I do not see it getting better any time soon it takes at least a year or two to form a vaccine that is successful. This isn’t just a common cold/flu.

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