More and More Every Day – Faculty Work Spaces, 4/1/20

Was that your professor teaching in a laundry room?
It’s not an April Fool’s Joke!

Over the last few weeks, you’ve shared photos of your new work spaces with us. It appears that many of us are taking full advantage of dining tables, kitchen counters, and guest rooms. Some of you are teaching outside, others have designed at-home studios, and many of you are figuring out how to teach and parent in the same space. Take a look at the creativity!

Do we miss our too-hot classrooms, or our teeny offices now?

Here’s one of our favorites. Take a look at how Dr. Farina King of Northeastern State University signals her office hours to the rest of her family. Brilliant!

“Go” means enter, “Stop” means “Mom’s teaching.” 2020

Here’s the new South Phoenix Oral History Project HQ.

Dresser/Recording studio, 2020
More and More Every Day Production Crew, 2020
Dining room classroom, 2020

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