More and More Every Day – Elizabeth (Lisa) Daly, 3/31/20

“What have you learned about your family or yourself?” Student Survey

By Elizabeth (Lisa) Daly
English Instructor, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

From the beginning, Lisa’s college leadership encouraged faculty to reach out to students. In particular, CCL Division/English department chair Mary Zimmerer and lead instructor Diane Chardon specifically promoted asking students about how they are, and telling them how we are doing, too. Below, read how Lisa encouraged students to share. She did not require or grade the work.

During the quarantine, many are spending more time with family. For some, it can be a time of fun and renewal. For others, it can unleash hidden cooking skills. Some are also finding it causes feelings of being stir crazy, so their exercise regimen has ramped up.

For all, a popular survey online has asked: What have you learned about your family or yourself?

To share these thoughts as a class on our own, via Canvas, feel free to email me any thoughts that you would like to share. I would like to have your responses by April 8, 2020. I can post them anonymously or with your name. Just let me know your preference.

To end the post, I provided an example: I asked my 80 year-old mom from Norway who survived Nazi occupation if coronavirus is the worst thing ever. She said no, but that it is on par with WWII for uncertainty of duration or effect.

Most importantly, she said, “We won, and we will win this time, too!

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