More and More Every Day – Denise El Habach, 7/30/30

“People Do Great Things When Presented with a Challenge”

Denise El Habach
High School Counselor, Moon Valley High School

Denise El Habach ( is a High School Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona. When we talked in April, she was just about to send off the graduating class of 2020 from Moon Valley High School.

Denise was surprised to discover in the quarantine just how much she was able to reach out and help students and parents. As for lows, she was sad for the high school seniors who missed out on the rites of passage that come with prom, graduation, and moving on to adulthood.

Her watershed moment was Friday, March 13th when her family was driving back to Phoenix from California. “It seemed like it just exploded.” She and her husband were shocked when they went to the grocery store and saw the shelves were empty. “Okay,” they said, “this is happening.”

When we talked, Denise wasn’t sure how the school was going to celebrate commencement. Moon Valley ultimately did a virtual graduation in May 2020. She missed her family, rolling the windows down in her car, and small, convenient things.

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Show notes: 

  • Denise loved learning how to use Screencastify and video chats, like Google Hangouts, Duo, Skype, and Zoom. 
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Interview Date: 4/27/20

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