More and More Every Day – Dawne Anderson, 7/28/20


Dawne Anderson
Adjunct Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Dawne Anderson is an adjunct instructor teaching English Composition at South Mountain Community College.

She’s used to living on her own, knitting and painting in her home, so the quarantine wasn’t a difficult adjustment for Dawne. However, she does feel lonely at times, and misses getting sufficient exercise during the sweltering Arizona summer.

For Dawne, the watershed moment was around Friday the 13th of March when her substitute teaching position fell through, and classes at SMCC were suspended for a week. As someone who is used to balancing way too many things at once, she felt the shock of less to do and the cascade of information were overwhelming.

To keep in touch, Dawne shared her cell phone number with students, and became more vigilant in Canvas and with her email. She asked students to incorporate creative reflection to describe their experiences while #LearningintheCOVID19era. “It’s been better than any other writing I was given,” she says.

Like many of us, Dawne is using the time to explore new technologies and skills that interest her, but she’s willing to give herself the grace and time she needs to get comfortable.

When asked what she misses the most, Dawne teared up. She misses her students. But mostly, she misses hugging her adult son.

She reflects, “I feel privileged just to witness” the historical changes in our society right now. Though she doesn’t have a favorite quote right now, she urges us to tell people we love them, because we don’t know what the future will hold.

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Interview Date: 4/30/20

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