More and More Every Day – Clare, 7/8/20

What if I Could Not Graduate This Year?

By Clare
Student, South Mountain Community College

The year 2020 started as an exciting year for me. I was going to graduate college with my Associates and then start working on my major. This school year had a promising and bright outlook for my future. It started off very well and I was doing well in my classes. I had two classes at my college and two online. The two classes at the college were my favorite because I enjoyed being on campus and having that one-on-one with my teachers. Then spring break came and along with it the coronavirus.

Things started to change very quickly and school was beginning to change as well. I heard that spring break was going to be extended and I was happy to hear that. Another week off would be enjoyable, so I was not disappointed. As things started to pick and life began to change because of the virus, I started to get worried about school.

What if I could not graduate this year?

I had worked hard for this and I wanted to graduate. Things were much different after this. I do not like taking those hard college classes online, that was why I took them at the school. Now, because the school are closed, I have to do a lot online. I find that I am having to teach myself much of the subjects, and not being able to see my professors is definitely a challenge that I am having to face.

Since the majority of everything has been shut down, I am staying at home most of the time. This is difficult because there are many more distractions at home, and it is easy to lazy and put assignments off till later. These challenges are only the beginning of many that I am facing because of the virus. Having that classroom setting is very valuable especially in learning well. My classmates and I are always helping each other, this helps make the classes more enjoyable. I feel that I am very far behind in my classes and I worry that I may not be able to finish all the material in time.

My teachers have all been very helpful during this difficult time, but they are having just as hard of time with this as I am. Learning is mostly through practice and experience. It requires a hands-on type of experience. Having everything online can make learning quite a challenge, especially when the majority of my learning was done in person. As a student, I think that the virus has really affected my learning.

Online is not terrible but it can be very difficult for those hard classes. Learning for me personally, is better when it is done in person. I have a harder time understanding things when they are put online, especially math and science classes. I know that with hard work and perseverance, everything will turn out just fine.

This virus cannot affect me as long as I stay strong and work hard.

Written: Spring 2020

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