More and More Every Day – Christine, 11/6/20

Overwhelmed but Optimistic

By Christine
Student, Great Basin College
Written April 2020

Everyday life sure has gotten crazy and it seems to change daily! I find myself going through all the feels as the days go on. I work at a preschool, so we have canceled classes of course. We are a private school, so as an hourly employee I have been fortunate to work on odd jobs to continue receiving a paycheck. We have also created a private group to touch base with our students and share mini-lessons. If I think about my students too much I become overwhelmed with sadness in knowing the very possible reality that I will not see them for the remainder of the school year and they will head off to Kindergarten without the opportunity to see them off. I still have so much I want to teach them! On the upside my husband is still working, he is a generator tech, my children are adjusting to the online learning format, and we are healthy.

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