More and More Every Day – Carter, 4/13/20

A Lack of Effort and Focus

By Carter
Student, South Mountain Community College

Learning during the COVID-19 virus has actually been very challenging and it has definitely taken some getting used too. I always enjoyed being in the classroom because I always know when something is going to be due because it is told directly to me in the class.

I know it is not a good thing for me to be sleeping in as long as I have been every single day. My morning routine consists of sleeping in till 11 every single day, waking up, seeing what homework I have to get done for the day. After finishing my homework which takes a very long time, I usually proceed to play video games for a longer majority of the day.

I feel like this virus has affected my way of learning in a huge way because after getting baseball and school taken away and never being able to see some of my friends again, it kind of makes school feel like even more of a chore in the end. But it is something that people still have to get through in the end if you really want that degree.

Another thing I am seeing myself do lately with my school work is a lack of effort and focus. I don’t have a place at my house where I am able to focus on just school and for me that really difficult because if I can be giving my focus on anything else at the time I will. School has always seemed to go by pretty easy when I am in the classroom because I always know what work to start before it is even given to us and I am able to get ahead, but everything being switched to online it feels like I have no drive to get my school work done.

In the end I am really hoping that this virus only puts a huge effect on this year, I don’t think my academics and mental sanity can take the pressure taking 6 online classes again.

I do however enjoy the luxury of waking up whenever I want to.

Overall, I am really hoping that we are able to put an end to this virus. I know people joke about having their time off, but seeing my close friends and family losing their jobs in a time like this has been super stressful and I am just hoping that everyone going through this stuff (including myself) is able to pull out of it. I can deal with my weekly online history assignments, but I have no idea how much longer I am going to be able to put up with doing big lengthy biology labs on my computer for the rest of my academic career.