More and More Every Day – Cameron, 4/8/20

“A smile on my face every day”

Student, South Mountain Community College

Cameron first realized something big was happening when the NBA season was cancelled. He was watching a game that night, and found out that Rudy Gobert had tested positive for COVID-19. It seemed like things began to change immediately.

Cameron describes his watershed moment

Cameron’s not adverse to online learning, but he prefers face to face classes. He’s optimistic and inquisitive, readily prepared, and confident in class discussions. He’s the kind of student you want in the front row. He puts others at ease, but isn’t afraid to ask questions of his peers and his instructors. Online learning takes away some of that for Cameron. He can handle the assignments, and he likes having something to do during the quarantine, but he misses the classroom experience.

Cameron talks about adjusting to online learning

This is Cameron’s last semester at SMCC. He was looking forward to graduating in the spring and moving on to Arizona State University. When he heard the news about commencement being cancelled, he tried to keep from getting too disappointed.

Cameron reflects on the importance of the graduation ceremony

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Cameron had planned to spend a day at ASU’s campus, touring different buildings and registering for classes. Now, he’s still determined to transfer to ASU, even if that means taking online coursework at first.

Cameron’s hopes for transferring to a university

Cameron’s got an outlook right now is optimistic and refreshing. He’s started writing poetry again. He’s trying to curb his boredom by focusing on the gift of time he’s been given with his family.

Cameron shares the “highs” of this experience

For Cameron’s full interview, listen to the More and More Every Day Podcast.

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