More and More Every Day – Calandra, 6/4/20

Learning Will Never Be the Same

By Calandra
Student, South Mountain Community College

My name is Calandra. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a third-year student at SMCC. I plan to graduate this Summer semester with my Associates in Arts, and transfer to the University of Arizona to study Spanish next year. 

During these unexpected times internationally, everyone has gone through so much in these passing months. The teaching and learning areas have been greatly affected within education by COVID-19. As a college student, I have seen many things go through a change in my learning experience. Such as the transition of going from in-person classes to going online. At first, it was a problem for me since it started in the middle of the semester, and it happened rather quickly. Overtime, I got familiar with the online learning format. Fortunately, I had a personal computer that I already had to do online learning, which was another problem for many of my classmates and students, who not all had the resources. 

I did not have a problem with online learning along the way, until I had to complete labs for my biology class. This was the most challenging out of all my courses since I required to complete them at home and by myself without the material. However, emailing my professor questions sometimes made sense to work on labs, but I preferred to work with my team and in-person with my professor. Out of this Spring semester experience, I am glad to have more knowledge of online learning for my next semester courses. During this time, it has also prepared my professors in teaching a different way. 

While I had professors familiar with online teaching, some of them did not. It was a change in everything. From creating different virtual sessions with a class, to redoing directions on assignments. It was very difficult for my professors and staff from my college. Despite the challenges, there are lessons from this educational experience. I learned about the resources available online for individuals in education, and discovered some tools that can be of use. The shift of traditional learning will never be the same after this pandemic. I still believe this should not stop education in any way. Many students still struggle with internet or computer access, and they should be supported first no matter their grade or age. Everyone deserves that continuing education.

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