More and More Every Day – Brittani, 6/5/20

Learning Without School

By Brittani
Student, South Mountain Community College

       Learning during COVID-19 has definitely been a new experience. Not having the use of libraries, tutoring help, and not being able to do in person classes has been an impact on me. I use the library quite a bit for its study rooms, printer, and books. Not having this resource has made it hard, now I go to work early to use the internet and have to find digital editions of the books I read. Having tutoring help for me before was a big help, but know I find it harder to get questions answered trying to get a hold of someone. Tutoring and in person classes are beneficial to me because I can really focus on the tasks and material being given to me and know that there is someone there to ask questions to if need be. I also find that now that everything’s online, I have to make my own schedule and use my time management skills effectively. I also feel like in general it has impacted the world as a whole by schools not in session, no dine in restaurants, and retailers not able to open. It has taught us that we have a lot of conveniences and when they are taken away it is hard for us to adapt to that change.

All of what has happened in the past few months has taught me new ways to deal with challenges and how to learn effectively even without a school open. It has also taught me that no matter who we are or what we do, we are all impacted in the same way by this, some more than others. Also, without schools being open for all levels of education, it is hard because kids cant be around each other at school and at the colleges, many social activities have been cancelled that many people have put much effort into planning. believe that this virus will teach us all how to be closer to each other, be more compassionate, and learn just what we are capable of.

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