More and More Every Day – Belma, 8/14/20

We Took our Daily Life for Granted

By Belma
Student, South Mountain Community College

COVID-19 has impacted my life drastically. It affected my school life all the way to my social life. All I see on television are reports regarding this virus and numbers increasing of those testing positive for the virus.

Thankfully, I am still employed at a nursing home and rehabilitation center, but I am now unable to have any contact with visitors and temperature has a significant role on whether or not someone may come into work. The amount of people I now socialize with on a daily basis has decreased immensely, with my college classes being cancelled and the visitor restriction at my employment.

The last few weeks I have somehow become my younger brother’s teacher and trust me, this is no easy task. Teachers, you are greatly appreciated, not many are able to do what you do in your career, including myself. He is a fifth grader and I came to realize that what he is learning now is so much more advanced than when I was in fifth grade, the standards just keep going up and there is more pressure put on younger students. I have recently been informed that the rest of the semester will be online and although it does not affect me drastically, it affects my brother drastically. I believe that the smaller you are, the more interaction you need in your life with others and it has not been amazing for him. Being in quarantine since spring break has been difficult for him to cope with, especially with him being the only young child in the home. Becoming his teacher has been even harder for me, watching endless YouTube videos, finding worksheets online and trying to implement a set schedule has made me greatly appreciate everything that teachers do.

I myself was never a rebellious, obnoxious student growing up, but wow, teachers are a gem- I remember all those teachers that cried out of frustration because of a class and I feel so sorry.

During this I have reflected plenty of times on how much we took our daily, normal life for granted. We did not go out and adventure and appreciate the beauty in our lives until all of that was put on hold. I feel for those kids and parents that counted on all the meals and child care the schools offered, but have you not heard about all the schools, churches and organizations offering free meals and childcare to healthcare workers? We need more of this, we need our neighborhoods to work as a community from now on.

Everyone’s life has changed from one day to another, yet we lacked to cherish our surroundings and family-owned businesses when we could have. The lives of every student has changed, especially those of us that are graduating this May. My college graduation is cancelled, not postponed and this is the saddest news. Although it was a small goal met, I was so proud to achieve this goal of being a student of South Mountain Community College for two years and being able to graduate with my Associates in Arts and Associates in General Studies, but God has his own plans and I will follow through with whatever the future holds.

Written: Spring 2020

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