More and More Every Day – Aria, 4/16/20

How the Virus Affects our Lives

By Aria
Student, South Mountain Community College

The year 2020 was supposed to be our year. People posted on Facebook how excited they were for the new year. Even with all the tragedies of 2019 we were still excited for a new change. My New Years resolution seemed like they were gonna come true for sure this time. It started off pretty good I brought in the new year with a beautiful baby girl, and my 3 year old son who I adore.

The worst was yet to come when I first heard about the COVID-19. I glanced at a magazine at Walmart while I was waiting in line, and noticed on the front it read “80,000 could be affected by Chinese disease within 6 months.” It was only January at that time. I read that China wasn’t doing anything about it so it didn’t seem serious, I just continued with my day.

It wasn’t until about two weeks ago, while on my trip to Mexico, that three days prior to my arrival there was no toilet paper and no water in the stores. I didn’t think much about partially because I already had 3 gallons of water and a brand new 24 pack of toilet paper. I assumed it was only in certain areas.

Only being away away on my trip for three days, I arrived back in Arizona on March 19. Once I came back I felt like I entered a new world. First thing I did was go to the grocery store to get some groceries, there weren’t any. The aisles look like were pulled right out of a scary movie, I waiting for the lights to start flickering. Walking the down the aisles, I saw the empty shelves. Things that were there a week ago weren’t in stock for days . 

I went to the store to buy baby formula, frozen pasta, assorted meats and some other things I was in need of. Out of my whole list I was only able to find and purchase baby formula. Everything else I needed was gone, that’s when it hit me that either the world is spinning out of control or this is bigger than I thought it was. The virus has definitely impacted my everyday life, the places I went to with ease are so difficult now. While I was in Mexico I lost my phone so I needed a new one. It took me about 2 weeks to find a AT&T that was open and that had a phone in stock. At some businesses they only allow one person in at a time and I have two kids and they still tell me I can’t bring them in. 

I don’t have a car so I have been having to spend double on getting food delivered because I can’t get a ride anywhere.

All in all with everything going on I’m still confident my family will be fine. I’m not a super religious person but the virus has definitely brought me closer to God, I’m praying for all of my loved ones and the whole universe for their safety and health.

Edited by Vanessa Jimenez

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