More and More Every Day – Anonymous

An Email to my Classmates

By Anonymous
Student, South Mountain Community College

First, I’m doing okay. This has been a very surreal experience. I don’t know if I thought that something like this could actually happen. My organization has had to rethink how we do all areas of our job and continue to work remotely. My family is okay as well just feeling displaced. My son is 11 yrs old and my daughter is 8 yrs old so I’ve had to put them on a bit of a flex schedule during all of this. So juggling my job and trying to keep them engaged and not go stir crazy is a feat in itself!

What’s been going well is that there is a little sense of normalcy within our home and not a feeling of panic. It’s been a little hard to be in a contained, quarantined space practicing social distancing. As human beings, I feel we all have an innate sense of desiring contact and relationship with others so this is a difficult space to live in.

As far as technologies, “Zoom” has been our new best friend! It is how our meetings are done virtually and to have some semblance of human contact without the actual contact!

If anyone needs anything, I’m willing to help in whatever capacity I can. Whether it be through resources, advice, or just lifting them in prayer. I am a woman of faith, so I’m in complete agreement with your statement, “Things are in Divine Order” even if we don’t understand.

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