More and More Every Day – Anonymous, 6/11/20

My Life In Quarantine

By Anonymous
Student, Great Basin College

During these troubling times college students are all experiencing the difficulties of online classes. Although I already had a few classes online this semester, things still seemed to get more difficult after all these changes were made. My in person study hall class was canceled and it definitely affected me in ways I didn’t even think it would. During that class I had two hours of uninterrupted study time in which I was able to focus and get through a lot of my college coursework which is something I find difficult to do on my own.

It is quite difficult for me to focus solely on my coursework at home where I have an abundance of distractions. Now at home I have my sisters here to distract me which they do without even trying sometimes. They rope me into watching TV or lounging out by the pool when instead I should be more focused on finishing the semester. I also distract myself, I make excuses and try to find other things to do rather than finishing up on homework or assignments I should be catching up on. I definitely did not realize how much of a difference two hours of focused studying made.

It is also difficult to find any motivation while in quarantine, it seems like there’s much more pressing matters to worry about than homework. I find it to be a tough internal battle in which one must decide whether to take advantage of the time you have at home to be productive or to take advantage of the time you have at home and relax. I myself find that I unknowingly choose the latter most of the time. It is a hard time for everyone right now as it is something no one has experienced before, but I have seen an immense increase in motivation and support from professors which has definitely helped me push myself to get all my assignments done and to finish off the semester as strongly as I can.

As a result of all the support and motivation given, I’ve decided to force myself to not get distracted as it isn’t a habit I should not only get rid of right now, it’s a habit I need to get rid of in order to succeed in my future classes and in future school years. I believe now is as good a time as any to focus on improving my studying habits and breaking bad habits like procrastinating among many things.

Although it is a very difficult and foreign situation, this quarantine has made me realize many things. Most important of all I learned to make the most of the time I have especially when it comes to school. I’ve realized throughout this time at home how easy it is to get distracted and how rewarding it feels when you get past those distractions in order to be productive. It’s not an easy task but I am sure that after this is all over it will all get much easier for me and I will be able to succeed greatly.

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