More and More Every Day – Anonymous, 4/23/20

When School Closed

Student, South Mountain Community College

School closures in respond to Covid19 pandemic have shed a light on numerous issues affecting access to education as well as broader social economic issues.

As of March 12th, more than 370 million children and youth are not attending school because of temporary or indefinite country-wide school closures mandated by governments in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid19.

As of March 29th, nearly 90% of the world’s learners were impacted by closures.

Even when school closures are temporary, the impact is more severe for the less privileged students.

Now in April 2020, it feels like nothing will remain the same for some of us. I think locking down schools was the right thing to do, but not everyone is privileged to online classes, so school is now a hassle for some students. School closures may negatively impact learning for students in rural areas, or student from disadvantaged families who can’t get access their classes online.

Covid19 has affected students from gaining access to learning materials such as the school’s science laboratories and the school’s physical library. When school are closed, many student miss out on social contacts that is essential for learning for example a group project. For some students without internet or electricity at home, these increased difficulties may cause them struggle to keep up.

Student dropout rates may increase and it may become a huge challenge to ensure children and students return and stay in school when we finally reopens after closures.

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