More and More Every Day – Anonymous, 12/11/20

COVID Kick-Started My Desire

Student, Great Basin College

Learning in the COVID-19 era is more than students could have ever imagined. I am a Dual-Enrolled high school student in Nevada. My county is still struggling to try to keep our numbers down and I just recently got a new job. COVID is what kick-started my desire to enroll in a high school where I could also earn college credit.

Before COVID, I was a full-time student without a job but I had a plethora of ambition. COVID not only impacted my learning environment but also my drive. I used to have the drive to complete all of my school work when I got it and I was happy being surrounded by people. As a junior in high school, I feel like I am affected the most by the pandemic.

Virtual learning isn’t fundamentally harder but it is definitely different. Trying to find the motivation to learn without being in an environment with others trying to reach goals similar to your own is a task. I have noticed since distance learning has been implemented my grades have been struggling. Teachers are trying their best to accommodate but this is new for everyone. I am still transitioning from my normal high school life to my now busier life balancing work and school. Not only have I noticed that teachers are more understanding but I believe that students are applying themselves more. We are all learning new things as we go and adjusting where needed. I think having open communication with my teachers is very important especially during this time. If you are having technical issues or difficulties understanding content, it is better to inform your instructors sooner rather than later. Most of the time, teachers are willing to accommodate and help you figure out a better plan to remain successful. Some may say that learning has gotten harder but I believe that the drastic change is what makes it seem hard.

Educators have your best interest at heart and will lead you to the path of prosperity.

Fall 2020

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