More and More Every Day – Angelica, 8/12/20

I Wanted to Explore My School

By Angelica
Student, South Mountain Community College

This is my first year as a student in college and I am 24 years old with two kids. As a first time student I was very excited to finally have an opportunity to pursue something bigger than what I had done so far, but I hadn’t realized that Covid-19 had already caused much uproar in the east coast. I did not realize during the process of enrollment, that this would affect how I went to school. I was told by my academic advisor, that the only classes that would be available for the summer were online. I have never had the chance to work proficiently with computers, so naturally this was a little out of my comfort area. Despite my fear, I decided to give it my best efforts. Taking the online classes has been very comfortable for me because I have the luxury of home to go along with it, however if Covid-19 wasn’t a factor, I believe that I would much rather be in a class setting, to interact with my teacher and peers, and not have to worry so much about how to post a response without someone accidentally misinterpreting  it.

I might come off forward, and that is the exact opposite of what I would like to convey. Covid-19 has certainly made it impossible to have social interaction, and that has made school difficult at times. Not to mention school spirit and getting familiar with the campus. I wanted to explore my school more than anything, and to have the opportunity to talk to teachers and staff. Luckily, I had the chance to meet my academic advisor before the school was shut down. He was very helpful, and I am grateful that he referred me to my teachers now because they are both excellent. Covid-19 has taken a lot of fun out of normal activities me and my kids would regularly do, we no longer explore our community in a carefree way, many places are closed.

Some people have become intolerant towards others who do not follow the proper guidelines for Covid-19, and as a result speak rudely, or unkindly. Our community has changed more than anybody imagined it would have and I believe I speak for most people when I say that I wish things were just back to normal.

With all complaints aside, I realize the severity of this pandemic, and how drastically is has taken a toll on our economy and health. It is also amazing to see how quickly humans can adapt when faced with adversity. I hope that despite all the challenges we have faced now with Covid-19, we can take something positive into our futures. We should not take for granted what we are able to do freely and make the most of our time together. So to all of our teachers who work hard to keep education going online, all of the first responders, and everyone who has helped ease the tensions of these trying times, I appreciate what you have done during this time, and it certainly will go down in history to be remembered. 

Written: Summer 2020

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