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Our Mission

South Phoenix Oral History Project is a student-founded, student-led initiative to capture and preserve the untold stories of innovation, education, and racial uplift in South Phoenix, Arizona.

Faculty Authors: Liz Warren & Summer Cherland

We are a collaboration of students, faculty, staff, and narrators who are building an archive and reclaiming the rich history of our South Phoenix community. It is beneficial to keep an archive of our own community, and absolutely pivotal to embrace and understand the past. It is our goal to understand and teach how the people of South Phoenix shaped our collective culture.

Student Writer: Diego Lorenzana

For More: What is the South Phoenix Oral History Project?

“I had it in the back of my mind, in my spirit. I gotta go back to South Mountain.” ~Dr. Janet Denson
Student Researchers: Chimesa Parker and Leo Rodriguez, filmed by Mario Avent

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